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Grooper is a software platform that uses artificial intelligence and RULES to conquer the most challenging document processing tasks. Organizing, understanding, Grooping, and collecting information from documents has never been this easy. Or fast. Or accurate.

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Focus on your business, not writing code

In the realm of document imaging, text classification, workflow, and data collection, there are endless tools out there that claim to be helpful. The problem is that these "tools" are no more than a collection of APIs, SDKs, plugins, widgets, algorithms, and frameworks. None of these options provide you with a complete solution. Instead you write lots of custom code, chain together technologies from different providers, and work through long, costly deployment and testing cycles where you are effectively, forever tied to the vendor writing the custom code.

You need Grooper.

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One platform to rule them all

Grooper is a unified platform that comes out-of-the-box with all the components you need. Grooper converges document imaging, OCR, computer vision, Regular Expression, electronic workflow, and machine learning to enable you to tackle even the toughest ETL projects without writing code. When you choose Grooper, your software contract is a single line-item, and all the features it has to offer are immediately at your fingertips.

Our experience in document imaging, passion for machine learning, and interest in data science have led to a 5-year development sprint culminating in the most advanced and capable document processing platform in existence.


Risk Mitigation, Cybersecurity, and Compliance

No matter what business you're in, industry and government regulations dictate many of the decisions you make every day, and compliance is not optional. Failure to do so can result in fines, public relations battles, class-action lawsuits, and decreased client retention. Grooper identifies at-risk documents in any document location, be it file shares, content systems, FTP directories, or email servers. Where Grooper really stands above other solutions is in its ability to take action once these documents are found, giving you the option to redact, delete, or relocate these documents to a more secure location.

Legal Discovery

  • Grooper’s AI reviewed a large volume of electronic documents and emails associated with a civil action involving a large Electric Power Company.
  • Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) identified correspondence documents containing language that suggested an intent to mislead, conceal, or hide information.
  • Our RULES automatically created an entity list that contained the contact information for each participant involved in the communication stream.
  • Sentiment analysis of the text was performed, resulting in an organized dataset of key pieces of evidence by entity in chronological order.
  • Legal staff was able to quickly find the key evidence needed to win the case based on the data provided from opposing council.

PCI Compliance

  • A large financial organization built a robotic process to crawl through billions of document pages in unsecured information systems in an effort to find documents containing credit card numbers, account numbers, or any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that could be used to link payment card information to a specific entity.
  • Information was automatically isolated, moved, redacted or purged while all at-risk data was secured according to predefined business rules.
  • All of this was accomplished with standard configuration.
  • They didn’t write a single line of code.
Confidently move your business forward

Unlock the value in your data

Use Grooper to mine for data in unstructured documents. Powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities allow you to find important values on documents without using pre-authored templates to define where data should be found on each document. Grooper uses rules-based configuration to help you collect valuable data from any document collection.

Contract Analysis

  • Using our AI, we reviewed millions of contract images.
  • Clearly identified the existence or absence of key provisions and clauses within the language of the contracts.
  • Identified the existence of addendums and exhibits.
  • Compared the provisions within the contract body to these addendums and exhibits, identifying language that was overriding or amending primary contract terms.
  • Identified variances resulting in accurate contract interpretation.
  • Enabled the organization to identify opportunities to monetize hundreds of millions of dollars in new business opportunities.

Mortgage Evaluation

  • GROOPERED millions of mortgage instrument images.
  • Enhanced the wide variety of poor image quality.
  • Organized data into logical document categories.
  • Compared information to all document subsets to eliminate duplicate documents.
  • Identified the most likely final and complete document transaction.
  • Identified documents that required additional review based on pre-defined data rules.
  • Robotically isolated document exceptions. Extracted and stored necessary metadata.
  • Created a valid data set while automating the valuation of assets that were valued at hundreds of millions of dollars.
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